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Каждый день, Vladimirs Ivanovs будет проводить для вас новый мастер-класс. Упор как всегда будет сделан на практическое применение, упражнения в группах и максимальную задействованность аудитории.


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Agile mindset

    1. Agile values and principles, cargo cult
    2. Snowden’s cynefin
    3. Schneider’s culture model
    4. Leadership styles and team dynamics
    5. Change management, agile transformation

Product Discovery

    1. Personas and BMC
    2. Value stream mapping
    3. Inception deck
    4. Elevator pitch
    5. User stories, story mapping, product roadmap

Product Delivery

    1. Scrum roles, rituals, artifacts
    2. Team engagement
    3. Agile at scale
    4. Scrum vs Kanban
    5. Agile contracts


    1. Lean philosophy, JIT, TPS
    2. 7 Principles, 7 Waste types, 5 Why’s
    3. Pull system vs Push
    4. Deming’s PDCA and 6 Sigma
    5. Lean Startup, MVP


    1. Kanban board
    2. Kanban method
    3. Csikszentmihalyi’s flow, visualising flow
    4. Value stream mapping, story mapping, product roadmap
    5. Kaizen and Kaikaku

Where to use and how to start?

    1. How to start with Lean
    2. Kanban board examples
    3. Kanban for software development
    4. Kanban for operations
    5. Continuous improvement


    1. Challenges and failures
    2. Process, channel, plan
    3. Interpersonal, non-verbal
    4. NLP, triune brain
    5. Cross-cultural aspects, native vs non-native speaker


    1. Understanding a process, PIHPOC, BATNA, ZOPA, Rose of Leary
    2. Lewis’ model for multi-cultural aspects & national patterns
    3. “Hard” negotiations, types of manipulations and overcoming these
    4. Practical hints

Active listening and culture

    1. Hofstede’s dimensions of culture
    2. Effective and active listening
    3. Practical use of opening/revealing questions
    4. Individual mastery and plan

Speaker / Meet the greatest

I am Optimus Prime of the agiletransformer.com team of Agile experts.

My focus in the team is mixing experience and knowledge from the past (traditional IT Management, ITIL, Project Management) with contemporary approaches such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban.

Worked for large telecoms and as CIO for a global retail chain, but now am bringing complementary teams together as a serial entrepreneur. In addition to agile transformations am managing an outstaffing company itsmdelivery.com and facilitating the Latvian-Ukrainian joint venture UAV.Tools to provide drone services in the B2B sector.


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Event Location

Leo Consulting
ул. Декабристов, 3, оф. 602, г. Киев
(044) 228-76-99


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